Oh hi there!

I’m a traveller and blogger from New Zealand.

I hate the word “blogger”.

Two years ago, I took the somewhat trending path of selling my business, house, and pretty much everything else. I was on an unstoppable mission to lead a simpler, more fulfilling life.

With the blessing of my teenage daughter, and leaving my beloved pug dog in the care of a trusted family member, I bought a one-way ticket to Europe in July 2016.

I had reached a point in my life where I realised that all the weird and curious things out there were not going to come to me, and watching them on YouTube was not an acceptable solution.

The world held too many questions for me not to answer. Do camels really spit green stuff? (yes). Will wolves eat me in the dark of the polar night? (apparently not). Why is the stomach bug in Egypt called “Pharaoh’s Revenge”? (okay, I didn’t need to find out the answer to that one…)

I’m a university English graduate, and I write the bulk of the content on this site, leaving the rest to my ultimate travel partner and the love of my life, David. His profile will be here soon —->

In my spare time, I dream about nachos, listen to bad hair-metal, and read an unhealthy amount of books.

If you like my style and need media content or a highly motivated remote PA, I am available for hire!

Drop me a message below for more information.