One of the  best online accommodation booking sites. Low prices, a great selection of hotels worldwide, no fees and often no upfront payment needed


The top site for renting a unique local home, apartment or room anywhere in the world. Even better, you can click on this link to get $35 USD ($50 NZD) free travel credit on your booking. You’re welcome!


A huge selection of hotels, especially in Asia, with some of the lowest rates available online


The best budget accommodation finder on the web. Hostels, b&bs, and guesthouses in 170 countries



Still one of the top comparison sites for flights, hotels and car rentals. This is always a first stop when planning out a new adventure


One of the most well known sites for comparing and booking cheap flights online. It also covers hotels and car rentals

Google Flights

Google’s legendary flight search engine that finds the fastest, cheapest flights and also shows you every place you can fly to from your departure airport on a handy map

World Nomads Insurance

One of the most popular travel insurance companies. Over 150 countries are covered and policies are easy to extend if you need to keep on adventuring

Rental Cars

This is always our go to site for searching the cheapest rental car deals around the world. Reputable companies and a huge selection of cars from tiny to family size to 4×4.

Onni Bus - Finland

This site was invaluable during our month in Finland. Cheap, comfortable, modern buses that cover most of the country. The site has a map feature so you can see all the routes and plan your journey easily


Not merely a chat and video call service, Skype also allows you to make calls to any landline or mobile in the world for a really cheap rate. A half hour call to our bank in New Zealand from Romania cost a mere $0.60 USD

Southern Cross Insurance

If you’re from New Zealand I recommend Southern Cross travel insurance. We have claimed with them twice during our travels and they were always very helpful and lightning fast with their payouts



Solo Stove Lite

The ultimate camp stove for all your ultralight backpacking needs. Eco friendly and airport friendly, and powered by the humble twig!

Hubba Hubba NX Tent

We are in love with the HubbaHubba! Weighing in at only 1.5kg, this can be fully ready from tent bag to snoozy time in less than 5 minutes

(Rachael) Vaude 38 Litre Pack

Backpack designed with the smaller body size of women in mind. I constantly overstuff mine, use it as a chair, and generally treat it like crap. It has never missed a beat

Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Zero degree down sleeping bag weighing a mere 1kg. One of our best investments as it doubles nicely as a blanket outside and in cold hotels.


Blue Host

All blogs need a strong, reliable hosting platform. Blue Host is one of the most popular for WordPress bloggers. Plans start from $3.95 USD per month which includes a free domain name, easy setup and 24/7 support

Elegant Themes

Home of the excellent Divi Visual Builder. We tried a couple of other paid themes when we started, but nothing came close to the ease and creativity of Divi to build a unique blog

Superstar Blogging

If you’re serious about the business of travel blogging, we highly recommend this 3 month online course by Nomadic Matt. Suitable for absolute beginners through to those looking to take their existing blog to the next level. Money well spent!


Atlas Obscura

If you’re a fan of unusual things, this is a great directory of weird and wonderful places that are off the beaten track. Sign up to their newsletter for weekly strange news updates

Lonely Planet

The world’s best guide to travelling our beautiful planet. Books, online resources and forums covering everything you need to know about everywhere

Trip Advisor

Tripadvisor covers every question you can think of when travelling, from flights to hotels to restaurants. Rated reviews from other travellers covering a huge variety of topics, and a forum for posting your own travel questions. A definite go-to website when you’re on the road.


[Rachael: I try to read whenever I have a spare moment. Paperbacks are the enemy of travelling light, so I reluctantly installed Kindle on my laptop. Now I can carry at least 350 books with me at any one time. Okay, realistically it is more like 12, but the potential is there! Most of the below books are available in Kindle format.]

Life on Air – David Attenborough I bought this book a month before I left to travel, and it was a mighty test of my willpower to leave it untouched in my backpack. Arguably one of the world’s most beloved personalities, Attenborough shares his anecdotes and adventures from over 60 years of broadcasting and world travel. A must read if you are a fan (which should be everyone on the planet.)

Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft All of the macabre and supernatural works penned by the master of horror. Perfect reading if you’re heading to Egypt as a lot of his darker works are set there

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert Pirsig A classic novel and an enjoyable travel read. Inspiring and thought provoking, and you don’t need to know about zen or motorcycles to appreciate its brilliance!  

Business & Blogging Inspiration

On Writing – Stephen King I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s early works, but even if you don’t share my sentiments, this is a worthwhile read for any aspiring writer. Part autobiography, part how-to guide, King shares amusing stories and advice from both his own past and that of other leaders in the literary field.

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