Where To Next?

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Tanzania, Travel |

Being freedom travellers (see also: disorganised, with no particular agenda) we have spent our few weeks in Egypt asking ourselves “where to next?”

Our criteria

  • It had to be close to New Zealand so I can spend time with my daughter.
  • It had to be cheap, as we are on the last remnants of our travel budget for this trip. 
  • It had to be somewhere we can concentrate on our projects.

We chose:


Wait…what? That is none of the criteria! That is, like, the opposite of the criteria!

Let me explain!

I recall dreaming about Africa when I was a small child, while watching the David Attenborough series “Our World”.

I was captivated by the energy and life/death drama of the world’s top predators vs. their hapless prey. The violent lightning storms over the savannah. The tall black men with funny clothing and wild body piercings. The women with sagging naked breasts (TEE HEE HEE, BREASTS!).

I am confident most people with access to television know who David Attenborough is. If not, please buy his excellent book and remedy this gap in your knowledge immediately! 

Sir David has raised generations of us on his marvellously breathless and excitable voice, and he has instilled in us a deep appreciation of life and natural phenomena on earth. 

Although Egypt is technically in Africa, it has little resemblance to the Central or South, and nobody considers it to be the true ‘Africa’.

The Africa of my dreams, though, is currently right below us, with its rich promises of all the animals we can handle, all the malaria we can handle, and possibly this delightful chap – the African eye worm.

We did not take this decision making lightly. It was huge. We knew how many months in Indonesia or South East Asia we could trade for a week of Tanzanian safari, even at our budget level.

So, of course, we resorted to a coin toss.

The head of King Tut has spoken. We are going to Tanzania. Holy sh*t  

We fly to Mt Kilimanjaro on the 7th of April. I look forward to seeing if it really does rise above the Serengeti like Olympus (or was that an empress? Or a lepress?)