Wombat Walking In Australia

Wombat Walking In Australia

I just got to walk a wombat – it was the best day ever!!   Twenty years ago, I saw my first wombat in Melbourne Zoo. It came up to the fence where it regarded me curiously before ambling away again. It was about the most freaking adorable thing I...

Egypt Through The Eyes Of A Tired Traveller

Egypt Through The Eyes Of A Tired Traveller

I fished around and pulled my phone out of my bra. The current temperature (of Cairo, not my bra) read 40 degrees Celsius. An unscrupulous taxi driver had dropped me off at yet another Office for Fleecing Tourists which is always a high yield side hustle for everyone...

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We are a couple of music loving, nacho obsessed, New Zealanders living life out of our backpacks.

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A Brief Reflection On Long Term Travel

After 11 months of fast travel, packing and unpacking our stinky and unpleasant backpacks around the globe from the polar night of Finland to the sanity-destroying humidity of Cambodia, it is time to rest and reflect. I try to read and learn as much as possible on the...

Where To Next?

Being freedom travellers (see also: disorganised, with no particular agenda) we have spent our few weeks in Egypt asking ourselves “where to next?" Our criteria It had to be close to New Zealand so I can spend time with my daughter. It had to be cheap, as we...

An Incendiary Love Affair With The Solo Stove

Solo Stove Lite - one of the most recommended stoves for backpackers and survivalists.Both of us have vaguely obsessive tendencies when it comes to looking at gear, and a camp stove was no exception. Will it be light enough? Will it get broken in transit? Does it...